Welcome to Danner-Rucker

Danner-Rucker is a creative design enterprise specializing in the creation and sale of unique designs on various products. Danner-Rucker operates across multiple online platforms, offering a diverse range of products adorned with our exclusive designs. The quality and creativity of the designs make it a distinctive and personalized shopping experience for our customers. A plus for the customer is these designs are not massed produced, giving you the opportunity to purchase items that are unique. Since these products are made upon receipt of order, please allow 2 to 7 business days to receive a tracking order. Just know each and every order is greatly appreciated!


The shops under the Danner-Rucker banner are listed below.

Above Rubies P31 is expressly for women of faith who are looking for products that reflect their spiritual beliefs and values.

Society6 Shop

Zazzle Shop

Devotional Notebooks/Journals on Amazon

Additional products are available in the Above Rubies Pop-up Shops.

Above Rubies Candles

Above Rubies 4 Everyday

Jubilosa has a variety of designs for women looking for home decor and apparel accessories.

Society6 Shop

Zazzle Shop

Notebooks/Journals by Jubilosa on Amazon

Jubilosa's Pop-up Shop

Michigan Edition promote the culture of the Great Lakes State with products featuring favorite areas, streets, etc. 

Society6 Shop

Zazzle Shop

Notebooks/Journals on Amazon

Pop-up Shop